What are cycles of Nature?

Nature has various components within it such as water, nutrients (like nitrogen and oxygen) plants and animals. All the components attract each other and their non living environment to form an ecological unit.This interaction in the form of cycles renews the earth gradually.

“In the cycle of nature there is no such thing as victory or defeat; there is only movement”

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Water Cycle

The constant recycling of water within nature is called water cycle. The sunlight makes the water of oceans, rivers and lakes to evaporate and form water vapour. The water vapour rises up into the air and cools and condenses to form water droplets. Millions of water droplets form clouds and when they become heavy, rain or snow occurs. The rain water falls into rivers and streams and flows back to oceans, seas and lakes to begin the water cycle again.

“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you are connected to the sea, no matter where on earth you live”

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Energy cycle

Sun is the source of energy on earth. Sunlight and heat provide us energy for life. It is also used up by plants to make food and store energy. Animals cannot produce their own energy so they eat plants to get energy. When the plants and animals die, they release waste to the environment and heat of the sun is released back into the environment.

“A river or stream is a cycle of energy from sun to plants to insects to fish. It is a continuum broken only by human”

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Animal Life Cycle

A progression through a series of differing stages of development from which an organism passes is called life cycle. All animals have their unique way of reproduction and life cycle. Most animals lay eggs and only few give birth to live young ones. Insects, spiders, birds amphibians and reptiles lay eggs while mammals give birth to live young ones.

“Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul”

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Oxygen Cycle

In the process of photosynthesis plants release oxygen into the atmosphere. We breath in oxygen through respiration and release water and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The plants absorb the carbon dioxide and water to continue the cycle.

“Freedom is the oxygen of soul”

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Carbon Cycle

Plants use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and make carbohydrate. Animals eat plants and take in these carbohydrates and use them for energy. When they breath out carbon dioxide into the air, it is again used by plants and thus the carbon cycle continues.

“The simplest carbon dioxide removal approach is to plant a tree”

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Nitrogen Cycle

The nitrogen found in the atmosphere, animal wastes and dead and decaying organisms is called free nitrogen. But this can be used only by nitrogen-fixing bacteria that are found in the soil. They convert the free nitrogen into usable forms that can be used by plants, which are further eaten by animals. The animals waste and decaying plants and animals release the nitrogen again into the soil and thus the cycle continues.

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. And we all are made of starstuff”

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