The power of belief is beyond our imagination. If you believe that this damn thing is going to happen one day with your full spirits and determination, one day it truly will. Their is no limit to imagination, only your vast track of determination and your true self for that creation is needed. The only fear that can stop you is your own self.  Its true for sure that things will take time, obstacles will guard your way, problems will shield you from all the ways, but in the end what will truly win will be your determination, hard work and the power of belief.

If it is meant to be yours no one can stop you. Nature will make all its efforts to keep you in pace with what you desire. Your goals would no longer be away from you. Your mind would be clear. Your destiny would be in front of you. At that time what you have to do is, take a step closer to it. And continue to take small steps each day, every single day and one day you will be at that point of your greatness. The point you were dreaming off so long, the point you were struggling for so long, the point on which your whole life was destined to be.

That day you will be able to tell the cheering crowd that how hard you had worked for this damn day, how hard you have been on yourself through out this journey, how hard it was to live on a small hope and how hard it was to make yourself capable of this great thing. All this will one day would be in your hands only if you believe what you dream. You might have heard the name of Robert Goddard. Who was he? He was the man who invented rockets. He was undoubtedly a great man. But the thing is he wasn’t great just because he invented rockets, it only made his greatness visible, but his real greatness came because he stuck to what he dreamed. Although he faced numerous obstacles on his way but he worked to make his dream come true.

It isthe real game of life the things you believe that are going to happen one day, will happen. The only thing, is your never ending approach, you selfless struggle and your die hard struggle to achieve it.


6 thoughts on “THE POWER OF BELIEF

  1. One must not overstate the power of belief, which is often conflated with, and driven by, the power of myth, the power of illusion, the myth of the self-made man, attributional bias, self-attributional bias, survivorship bias (or survival bias), the Horatio Alger myth, authority bias and author bias, as well as social construction. You can find out more in my very detailed analyses and discussions the section called “Emotions and Biases: Affect Heuristic, Stereotype, Attribution Bias” in my post entitled “The Quotation Fallacy”. The particular section is available at
    You can also use the navigational menu at the start of the post to jump straight to the particular section.

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  2. Whilst I applaud your effort in writing this post, I would also like to alert you some crucial issues that are often overlooked.

    How typical of those who utter “If you don’t make it in America it’s because you don’t want to.”! Indeed, there are many myths about success (and failure for that matter). The rich, famous and powerful as well as the hopeful often have too many myths, one of which is the rather seductive but insidious “If I can do it then anybody can.”, which I discuss, analyse and unpack in great detail in a section of a multilateral and multipronged post relying on my observations and the findings of psychology, sociology, philosophy and other disciplines, available at the section called “If I can do it then anybody can.” in my very long post entitled “SoundEagle in Best Moment Award from Moment Matters”. The particular section is available at

    You can also use the navigational menu at the start of the post to jump straight to the particular section.

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